Being the bigger person…

When someone does wrong to you or others, and you encounter it, how do you cope with having to be the bigger person in the situation? 

How do become the bigger person in the situation ? is it holding your tongue ? is it bringing it to their attention making it known that what they did or doing is wrong and pointing it out to them? 

The bigger person is it the one who handles the situation in a mature way rather than the petty circumstances we find ourselves in from time to time. I can’t settle my mind when things to this affect start to bother me , either seeing it or someone has done me wrong somehow. Maybe its just me and I’m making  a bigger fuss but how  can someone on the outside looking in or someone doing you wrong  be okay…. 

Its not okay what they are doing of coarse not, but could you be the one to say something and point out the obvious to call them out on their wrong doings. Just keeping your mouth shut  and keep going on with your day, one option more confrontational while the other is the passive route of the two. If you do decide to tell said person, their is always different less threatening ways to still get your point across, for example letting it be known you know of their indiscretions against you ,  that you may not have meant for them to take it in an ill type of way, but since they did you apologies.  

Some of you may be thinking how are you going to apologies to them when they did you wrong well i’m getting to that …

You should let  them know, after you have apologized, that the way they handled the situation wasn’t a respectable or commendable to say that least and any relationship, personal or professional, be just that or nothing at all. I know that may sound harsh, but at the end of the day no matter how many people say they are looking out for you , you still only really have your self when it comes to the end of the string.

If it comes between someone else feelings, well-being, or moral standards, then in some situations you are going to have to choose between them or you. Am I willing to twist my own moral compass to be okay with what this person did , or is doing, to me? Should I have to feel down and in the dumps as a repercussion of this persons problems or problems they have created? Should I put my life on the line for some one that clearly wouldn’t do the same ?

And if you have to convince your self, by telling yourself multiple times that oh yeah they would do this or oh yeah they would do that… without any reason they gave you to think that no physical  proof they have given you a  reason to believe that. Then the only person your hurting is yourself for believing in that person.

If the person is willing to fix or at least try to fix the problems they are creating that is someone worth fighting for, you should keep that person . If you can see signs of them falling back call them out, maybe its just an act. But don’t ignore the signs, that can  make you look stupid.

If the persons fine with letting you go then so be it, why do you want to fight so hard to have some one with such a negative personality at times to taint your life? Make your life harder , don’t get me wrong it may hurt depending on the level you think you now the person , or the person you expected them, or assumed for them to be , but you will heal. It just gives you more time to get your self into a position to make better choices with the moral compass you follow become the person you needed or wanted to look up to as a child. If some one wants to leave your life let them… Be strong tell your self yes it hurts but maybe its time I built more love for my self, to share with others that are bringing positivism  into your life rather than dragging you down… but the people that left your life you have to be the “bigger person ” over look the stuff they may have done to hurt  you and forgive them not necessarily for them, but for yourself. Just have to let them know they may have been going through a hard time but what they did hurt and you don’t have room in your life for someone that would do that with the intent they had toward at the time. 

Do you have a grudge ? No (  you just don’t have room in your life for those types of morals ) 

To each their own, only you know much you can handle  and what you’re willing, or not willing to put up with. 

Real questions is when are you going to draw the line for your happiness, and when are you going to start moving around the negative bumps in the way … 


Todays synopsis….

I can’t think of something thats been floating around in my head today besides Christmas presents that I waited till last minute to get!!!

Tell me are you an early shopper or last minute mummy like me let me know ? Im sure I’m not the only one but then again you could say its still early on in the month either way I’m starting to panic that nothing will get sent off in time … how do you handle holiday stress and what do you do to relieve it ?

Till next time


First Ever Post. how exciting!

hey guys hows it going ? It is currently 4 a.m. on Monday morning and I have the urge to talk and write, but since this is a new blog and no one knows about it ( YET !!!!) I decided to introduce myself, well sort of. I choose to remain anonymous so labels wont be an issue when I talk to some of you in the near future I cant wait to hear from you all about daily life from the funny, to the weird, and the not so great, at times upsetting news. I would love to be the unbiased “stranger” ear you need, the blank slate of a brain to pick. I would like to keep a positive vibe around the blog, but as you all very well may know it is hard to keep said vibe in daily aspects of life, but hopefully things brought up and said on this blog will kind of help with that. Cant wait to hear  from you to build a strong,vibrantly positive,courageous family! 

till next time, ali